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The Company;

Tufflek-Cera management team has over 30 years experience in the Automotive, Aviation and Marine surface protection industry on a worldwide basis. From the early days of the traditional synthetic and natural waxes which are still in common use today, up to the modern day technology of Ceramic Protective Coatings.


The Product;

Tufflek-Cera Ceramic Protection is based on technology and raw materials that have only been made available in recent years. A physical protective layer forms onto the surface of application that is resistant to atmospheric elements, polution, minor scratching and common cleaning chemicals.

The coating thickness can be measured in the same way

as the thickness of the vehicles paint.

So resistant is the coating, that it requires special equipment as normally used in a car body repair shop.



Tufflek-Cera Ceramic Protection can only be applied by an approved application centre that has received full training on preperation and application. There is a simple reason for this. Due to the protective qualities of the product, specific application, drying and removal times must be strictly adhered to.


The Guarantee;

After application, the Tufflek-Cera Ceramic Protection offers a 5 year guarantee on both new and used vehicles.

There is no requirement for regular use of an aftercare product. After this period of time, a re application process of the coating is reccomended.

The guarantee covers all substances and conditions as mentioned in The Product as above. However physical damage such as stone chips and vandalism are not covered under the terms and conditions.






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