Tufflek-Cera Ltd Warranty  Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT ( "warranty") was drawn up ( "treatment Date") BETWEEN Tufflek-Cera Ltd , Tibbs Court Farm, Tibbs Court Lane, Brenchley, Tonbridge, Kent. TN12 7AH. United Kingdom and the customer via online registration at

As follows:
1. The warranty is in addition to the sale to you by a Tufflek-Cera  dealer handling your vehicle, the full Tufflek-Cera  paint protection on the processing date in exchange for the amount paid for the treatment ( "handling fee").
2. Tufflek-Cera  offers the warranty on the implementation of the above product in the way indicated below and in the description set out below.
Tufflek-Cera  hereby agrees that with you:
1. Five-year guarantee on color and gloss on new  and used cars.

Only if:
a) you within fourteen days after treatment date fill in the warranty registration form at www.tufflek-cera.com
b) within five years after the application of the Tufflek-Cera  paint protection to your vehicle Tufflek-Cera  you submit in writing that the vehicles paintwork and treated surfaces has suffered damage to the paint oxidation, peeling and/or flaking.
c) in compliance as set with the conditions herein; Tufflek-Cera  Ltd then shall refund the full application cost.

2. Your statutory or legal rights are not affected by this warranty.  Tufflek-Cera Ltd  is not responsible for any loss, damage, costs or other expenses that result directly or indirectly from your purchase of the treatment.
3. Allocation of the guarantee. The warranty can be transferred to the next owner of the vehicle within five years after the date of registration of the vehicle, provided that the new owner of the vehicle registers new ownership on the www.tufflek-cera.com website,  supplying details of his / her name and address within 28 (twenty eight) days the transfer of ownership.
4. Limitations of liability for Tufflek-Cera Ltd.
a) The treatment must be done by a Tufflek-Cera Ltd  approved dealer to validate the warranty.
b) There may be no trace of discoloration, oxidation, flaking or any other form of damage of the vehicle paintwork or treated surface before the product is applied.
c) All documents for parts, materials and labour that have been repaired or replaced due to accident or damage, should be carried by a licensed Tufflek-Cera Ltd dealer or an approved repair / application centre and must be recorded on the repair invoice.
d) The warranty is void in the following cases:
     • The treatment of the vehicles paintwork or treated surfaces with a product as not supplied or approved Tufflek-Cera Ltd.
      • A  product such as wax or a chemical that is not approved by Tufflek-Cera Ltd is used, it will void the warranty. The warranty is invalid when there is already a wax or another chemical on the vehicles paintwork or other surfaces of application where the Tufflek-Cera Ltd protection has been applied.
      • Negligence: The vehicle must be washed with PH neutral products.

• Vandalism: Any signs of intentional acts to cause damage to the vehicles paint work and treated  surface.

 • Stone Chips and Physical Damage; Any deliberate or non-deliberate damage to the vehicles paintwork or treated surfaces  by a projectile or objects that can break the surface, such as and for example, large and small stones, or loose parts of the road surface or similar objects.
Old and dirty wash sponges and chamois can leave streaks and stains on the vehicles paintwork and treated surfaces. They should be replaced on a regular basis to avoid such damage.

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